Life On The Vine…Love

Cultivating love in an unbelievable environment of marketing is one of the great challenges to the Christian’s life and leadership.

Considering the loose way love is used is borderline blasphemous. Kenneson makes a pointed remark; “…some may justifiably doubt whether a word that can be applied with ease to both God and pizza can illuminate the character of the Christian life” (37). This statement challenges our thinking.

The character of love, as defined by God, is a love that is unmerited, steadfast, suffering, and knows no bounds. It should move us to consider there is nothing we can do to make God love us more, and nothing we can do to make Him love us less. His essence is love.

We cannot examine the love of God without recognizing the “other-directedness” nature. Love is always divinely defined by what is done for others, in this case, you and me.

In a marketing environment that is based on self-interest and one that puts a price on everything (and everyone), cultivating love will require a devotion of our time in building good relationships.

This builds leadership.

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