Follow What Is Good…

Psalm 38 is an interesting expression of David. He is aware of who he is, what he has done, and the affect on his relationship with God.

He readily acknowledges his failings and the resulting division with friends, family and enemies.

What is astonishing is how David, in the midst of his penitent suffering, describes the nature of his enemies; “They oppose me, because I follow what is good.”

We could spend time examining several areas in this Psalm, but David’s leadership exemplifies a man of God who had a strong self awareness and knew his dependence upon God.

We find a leader who knew how to follow; a needed trait. Even knowing that what he followed created a separation between him and others, he still followed because it was good.

Many challenges face godly leaders, one of which is the lure to follow worldly practices to increase numbers within the church.

Leaders fear people leaving, speaking against them, and creating opposition. Remember to follow what is good, even when facing the most difficult of challenges.

As David concludes, God will not be far away. He is salvation and deliverance.

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