Never Give Up…

Life is filled with challenges. There are events that often create such a negative affect we begin thinking it would be easier to quit, move on, and do something else.

However, will moving on eliminate the challenges of life?

When leaders face the difficulties that often plague the course of life, what can be done to strengthen resolve and motivate perseverance?

The most obvious answer is to never give up. Regardless of the difficulty, do not allow quitting to be an option.

Seek the appropriate help. There are avenues available to provide assistance in areas needed to overcome and achieve success.

Work harder than before. The structure of time management may need to be adjusted and the work ethic refocused, but the results are invaluable.

Remember, others have endured as well. Biblical and current examples abound. We are not alone and if others have endured, so can we.

Life will present many twists and turns, some pleasant and others not so pleasant, but as Winston Churchill is credited with saying, “Never, never, never give up.”

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