Leadership Word Of The Week…Tenacity

Grip, determination, and persistence are a few of the words associated with tenacity. On the heels of Monday’s post about never giving up, it seemed appropriate to consider the idea of tenacity in leadership.

Being able to grip something, or hold on to it firmly, is crucial for long term success in leadership.

The quality of determination presents an attitude of strength to endure the distractions.

Without persistence leaders find themselves easily ready to give up and move on.

Tenacity, as defined in these three areas, demonstrates the ability of leaders to take a group of individuals who might not otherwise continue and motivate them to heights unknown.

The tenacity of leaders like Joshua and Caleb in the Old Testament, or men like the apostle Paul, encourages everyone who learns from the tenacious spirit they exemplified.

When leaders possess tenacity in approaching the establishment of goals and the development of plans to achieve those goals, confidence results for those who follow.

Leaders must hold on with the determination that no matter what happens they will be persistent.

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