What Does The Future Look Like?

How great would it be to have a crystal ball to look into and see what the future holds, or would it be?

The possibility exists that we might not like what we see.

At the same time, leading is about the future. From a spiritual perspective, nothing is more important than what the eternal future holds for Christians.

However, on a more pragmatic level, leaders need to consider what the future of their leadership looks like.

Will the future hold growth and development for the church or will it be stagnant?

Will the future be a place where vision points to stronger or declining leadership?

Asking questions can be unending, yet in the end, we must consider the necessity of planning today to ensure the future of growth and stronger leadership.

The future of leadership must be built on prayer.

Leaders should prepare for the future with God’s word as a guide.

Tomorrow’s leaders must be encouraged today to be ready.

What does the future look like? Following these three steps makes the future look pretty bright.

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