Life On The Vine…Kindness

The fruit of the Spirit, kindness, applies to every area of the Christian life. However, instead of the normal way the posts have discussed the fruit of the Spirit, I want to share another key section of Kenneson’s book: application.

Kenneson approaches the application of demonstrating the fruit of the Spirit in every chapter. The following is a sample of how he applies kindness.

He begins by asking a question in relationship to ones own life story: How important are others to that story? The direction of his application leads to the interdependence of relationships as Christians.

Reflecting on the relationships most cherished and admired, in what ways are they characterized by interdependence?

A Christian’s life is intricately woven into the lives of many other people. How different would our approach to kindness be if our livelihood was dependent on others and their livelihood dependent on us?

Listening and interacting with one another is crucial to demonstrating kindness. Imagine how different the world might look when Christians demonstrate kindness in a culture characterized by self-sufficiency.

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