Leading By Faith…

When Paul wrote to the church at Corinth, his second letter mentions the fact that we walk by faith and not by sight (2 Co. 5:7).

A definite article is present in the original language indicating that we walk by the faith. Paul is emphasizing the need for Christians to live a life guided by the word of God. His word provides us with direction, motivation, and a secure foundation upon which to stand.

Naturally, leaders have a responsibility to follow the same direction in leadership. When leadership is guided by God’s word, the results are significant.

There is confidence in knowing the direction is guided by God, Himself. The wisdom and knowledge of God is the basis for the direction in His word. Leaders cannot go wrong with His guiding hand.

God’s word provides the greatest purpose for character formation. Leaders begin with developing themselves, and then lead others to demonstrate Christ-like character.

Leaders know there is strength when grounded in the truth. Overcoming the obstacles of leadership requires strength; not personal/physical strength, but spiritual strength that is only found in truth.

Let us always lead by the faith.

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