Life On The Vine…Goodness

Kenneson’s approach to goodness involves a fruit that is cultivated in the midst of a self-help culture. Three significant thoughts introduce the idea of goodness in this chapter.

One, the consistent testimony of God’s word is that God alone is unequivocally good. Jesus indicates this in his discussion with the rich young ruler in Mk. 10:18.

Two, human bondage to sin makes us incapable of goodness apart from God, we are nevertheless created with the capacity and potential for goodness, stemming from our being created in His image.

Three, if God alone is good and humans are capable of good only through Him, then knowing what counts for good can also only be determined under the guidance of God’s Spirit.

In the midst of the obstacles to goodness, several avenues of cultivating goodness are noteworthy.

Learning to name our sin, attending to God’s word and imitating the saints are three ways the cultivation of goodness encourages a greater other-directed approach to leadership.

When leaders are characterized by goodness; a self-awareness, an upward attention and an outward activity describe the cultivation of this fruit.

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