A Measure Of Hope…

Leaders are dealers in hope. This does not mean controversial challenges or issues are eliminated from leadership. Also, it does not mean problems in relationships disappear.

If anything, these will always continue to plague the lives of leaders and followers.

The difference is found in that measure of hope leaders provide.

Let us not be quick to rebuke. Never be the first to look at the negative. May we not be involved in seeking to condemn.

Spiritual leaders have the great privilege of providing the greatest answer for the ills so characteristic of humanity…hope!

A measure of hope lifts the spirit out of the pits of despair and aids the healing of brokenness.

A measure of hope drives us through each day with the promise of something better.

A measure of hope strengthens the will to survive and reach into the future with anticipation.

A measure of hope encourages the oppressed who suffer with the temporal nature of life.

We all need hope. The world is searching for hope.

Leaders have an opportunity to share a message to move others from hopeless to hopeful.

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