Life On The Vine…Gentleness

Gentleness paints a beautiful picture in contrast to pride and power. Therefore, humility and lowliness are critical components to this fruit of the Spirit.

Rooted in the example of Jesus and the plea of a Savior who possesses it and provides sweet rest for the lives of those who will come to Him, we find rich biblical teaching for Christians to demonstrate gentleness.

The other-directed nature of this fruit of the Spirit is opposed by those who foster aggression, self-promotion and who aspire to positions of power.

However, three special thoughts help cultivate gentleness in our lives: altering our posture through prayer, learning to yield and spending time with those of “no account.”

Kneeling in prayer and speaking to God about those who have wronged or angered us increases the difficulty of speaking harshly to them.

Pride is the great enemy of a humility demonstrated by learning to yield our will to that of someone else.

Jesus provided an example of hospitality extended to others who do not have status or a position of power in the eyes of the world.

Three steps, powerful ways to cultivate gentleness.

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