Leadership Word Of The Week…Producer

A producer is defined as a person that makes, grows or supplies goods or commodities for sale. A further definition includes someone responsible for the financial and managerial aspects of making a movie, play, etc.

Additional terms are related to the word of the week, e.g. builder, constructor, farmer, manager, administrator, promoter. If we were to sum it up in one thought, it would be someone who “gets things done.”

When considering the nature of our leadership, are we producing, i.e. getting things done?

The additional terms related to a producer identify what happens when a leader gets things done. They make, build, construct, farm, manage, administrate and promote.

If we are not involved in getting things done, then are we becoming the leader God wants from us?

Biblical leadership is about farming: cultivating the soil, planting and watering the seed that allows God to give the increase, bearing fruit.

If we are going to be the producers God desires, we must focus on the task God has given us to do and leave the rest to Him. Then, step back and watch the power of God!

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