A Time To Rest…

Throughout the gospel accounts, we find periods where Jesus would take the apostles aside to rest. How amazing would it be to know more accurately the daily schedule of these disciples of the Savior?

Nothing has changed from then until now.

It is easy to get caught up in work and fail to get the needed rest to reflect, relax, and renew.

As hard as this time can be, it is necessary to be adequately prepared to meet the challenges that will always face leaders.

Most subjects are easier to write about and provide counsel for than they are actually living them, and this is one case in point.

However, a few simple ideas will help in getting the needed rest. It is biblical to recognize the need to find time to rest.

First, plan time, at least once each week, to rest.

Second, turn the phone off for the day and go somewhere peaceful.

Third, ask God to provide rest to strengthen our service.

Fourth, spend time alone with family closest to you.

We might be surprised just how much we improve with a little rest.

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