Head, Heart And Hand…

These three components symbolize three necessities in leadership.

Head: The head involves knowledge, wisdom and understanding. The idea is that leadership provides information that allows followers to gain the knowledge needed to develop wisdom based on understanding.

Heart: The heart involves an emotional connection. While there is a need to inform followers to gain knowledge and wisdom, when the information relates to the emotional side, the conviction runs deeper and lasts longer.

Hand: The hand relates to action. Once there is an informed, emotional connection, the natural response is activity. Action is more effective when the motivation is built upon the head and heart.

Information alone can lead to confusion. Emotion alone can lack conviction. Action alone can limit inspiration.

Leaders who are able to connect all three components can change the world. Share the information and its context. Show respect and trust, then strategically use the abilities that are developed.

Leaders not only need to connect the head, heart and hand, but also lead with all three. The combination of the leading and engaging the head, heart and hand is powerful.

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