Between Yesterday And Today…

An interesting place exists between one point and the next, a position of assessing what has been and determining what is yet to come.

This place is a deciding junction. Between yesterday and today is where leaders dream about the future, envision the possibilities and plan for ways to achieve greatness in the Lord’s kingdom.

One day remains in 2013.  Another year will be history and a new one begins. We cannot return to change the words or actions of yesterday. We can only look to the year ahead and make the appropriate changes to insure the mistakes of the past are not repeated.

As we consider the best approach to directing the steps of a new year, may we all remember three simple principles.

1) No matter where the road leads, God is with us. This is the beauty of Immanuel.

2) Our influence is worth the price paid to provide an example to emulate.

3) The strength to achieve any task is measured by the desire to succeed.

Time is a valuable commodity, and that moment between yesterday and today is an opportunity to direct the future to make a difference.

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