What Challenges Leaders? Part 1

The answers to a question of this nature are subjective. Challenges, however, are going to be an active part of leading. Therefore, it serves leaders well to understand how to approach these challenges.

Monday’s posts for the next few weeks will look at a few of these challenges and how to address them.

Communication stands as one of the most challenging areas of leadership. Who is responsible for quality communication and how should leaders address this challenge?

Google articles on communication in leadership abound. Forbes has an online article that shares ten secrets about communication in leadership. Two of the secrets are significant:

1) Speak not with a forked tongue: When leaders have a reputation lacking character or based on poor character, people will not trust them. Communication and character go hand in hand in building trust.

2) Speak to groups as individuals: Leaders who establish a personal atmosphere where people feel they are spoken to directly as an individual builds a rapport where a leader is heard.

Please read the article and learn more ways to face the challenge of communicating in leadership.

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