The Guiding Hand Of Compassion…

Jesus is often characterized in the Gospels as compassionate. Compassion means “to suffer together,” and no one understood this better than Jesus.

The University of California, Berkley claims that something special exists when compassion characterizes a leader: a feeling of sympathy aroused by another’s suffering and the motivation to relieve the suffering.

A compassionate leader is a powerful leader. The guiding hand of compassion considers the suffering of someone else and acts accordingly.

When scripture speaks of Jesus as compassionate toward others, He responds in several ways: He prayed for them, healed them, fed them and taught them. The order of these responses presents an interesting example for us to learn as leaders.

Before taking any action, leaders need to pray about the need, physically and spiritually.

The action first speaks to addressing the need, healing or sustenance.

When these needs are met, an opportunity for teaching exists with a listen ear to learn.

Leaders who follow these three guidelines lay a foundation to build a structure that lasts into eternity.

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