Strengthening The Hands Of The Weak…

When Paul wrote to the church at Thessalonica, he expanded his application for leaders to practice a list of several key areas. One of these areas includes the necessity of “helping the weak.”

A case could be made regarding an application, both physical and spiritual, when considering who he identifies as weak.

By definition, the idea simply refers to someone without strength. How fitting that leaders are to help strengthen those without strength. Leaders carry a responsibility to fulfill the task of strengthening the hands of the weak.

A few questions may need to be considered to determine how this can be achieved.

What is the cause or source of the problem that left them helpless or without strength?

Can a solution best be reached by providing training to overcome the cause?

Are we as leaders willing to make the sacrifices needed to become a source of strength?

There comes a time when leaders must stop talking about the helplessness that exists among those without strength and develop a strategy to provide the strength to overcome.

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