What Challenges Leaders? Part 2

Internal and external challenges face every leader. These challenges cause leaders to question their ability, opportunity, position and purpose in leadership.

Confidence in one’s ability diminishes when leaders experience failure, suffer discouragement, or they are harshly criticized by others.

When leaders face this challenge they need to approach each area carefully.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal” is a powerful thought expressed by Winston Churchill. The only time failure is fatal is when we give up. Recognizing this helps us redirect our thinking when success is beyond our reach.

Suffering discouragement generally follows moments of failure. When discouragement takes root, if it is strong enough, we quit. Learning how to overcome discouragement begins by evaluating the cause and seeking help to address it.

Criticism, even when harshly given, provides growth benefits if we are able to see it this way. We cannot change the motives of those who criticize, but we can choose how we respond. Instead of “reacting,” we need to “act” appropriately as a spiritual leader. Stay out of the box!

While these are limited ideas, overcoming the challenge is possible.

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