Leadership Word Of The Week…Path

The idea of a leadership path takes on several dimensions worth considering.

The path is characterized by a distinct contrast associated with choice. Jesus claims the broad path leads to destruction and the narrow path, though challenging, leads to eternal life.

Opportunities are associated with choosing to walk the right path. These opportunities are connected to short- and long-term planning that help us achieve success.

One of the most important areas to consider when choosing the path we are going to walk is the tools we carry to help us along the journey. A few necessary thoughts to consider:

Remove the blinders. An awareness of where we are, what takes place around us, who needs help along the way, and a willingness to get involved is vital to walking a godly path.

Avoid distractions. Know the areas that are distracting and learn to avoid those areas. Distractions slow us down and lure us off the path.

Stay focused. The determination to stay focused will make a difference in staying on the path. The right focus reminds us of the purpose behind our walk.

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