What Challenges Leaders… Part 3

How does the past influence the direction of our current mindset and goals for the future?

We are all shaped in one way or another by the events of the past. These take the form of past teaching, experience, and influence. Each of these categories can be found as either positive or negative as we consider the shaping nature of the past.

Paul was an apostle whose past molded his character and in a way that God could use to provide an example for the whole of Christianity. His family heritage, academic credentials, knowledge of Old Testament scripture, and zealous persecution of the church, were all a part of a past he would not forget.

However, he did not allow the past to dictate the direction of his future. Paul’s focus was now spiritually designed and heavenly directed.

We cannot relive the past and we cannot change it. As leaders, we must learn from the past in order to prevent repeating areas that hinder our Christian example.

The challenges of yesterday need to be left in the past. Let us redirect our attention with a spiritual and heavenly focus.

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