A Need For Mentors… Part 2

“No matter what stage of development, we need spiritual companions – mentors and guides, friends and peers along the journey – in order to flourish over a lifetime of godly service” (Reese and Loane, Deep Mentoring, 179).

The need for mentoring should be obvious. Considering the nature of Jesus’ mentoring, as it unfolds in the gospel of Matthew, is where we begin today.

Matthew uses an interesting word: behold. Matthew wants the reader to pay attention and observe. The genealogical record, activity of angels, fulfillment of prophecy, and the involvement of dreams are all significant to the claim of Jesus as the Christ.

The terms used to describe the involvement of Jesus as the Christ include shepherd, ruler, king, light, and healer.

However, the key is built upon the name, Immanuel – God with us, the powerful nature of His presence. The true nature of mentoring involves being present. If God left the glory of heaven to be with us, to shepherd, rule, provide light and heal, then we should also recognize that mentoring necessitates our being present and involved in the lives of those mentored.

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