The Value Of One Minute…

In a techno world that measures speed by the nanosecond, the value of time becomes a matter of perspective.

What value would one minute hold for you and me to speak one more time to a loved one who has passed away?

How much value would we place on one minute if it meant missing a flight or scheduled appointment?

Would one minute mean more if we knew it meant missing an accident?

When we sit around doing nothing, the minutes pass by quite leisurely and we give little thought to them.

If we are waiting on and anticipating the arrival of friends and loved ones, or a special day, that one minute can seem like an eternity.

We have all heard and read lessons about the value of time. I encourage us, especially from a leadership perspective, to realize that every single minute is a gift from God.

The treasure connected to that one minute can make the difference in helping someone make decisions of eternal consequence.

The value of one minute is worth what we put into it, even if it is the first minute of eternity.

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