A Need For Mentors… Part 3

A recent documentary in 2013, “Inside Chipotle,” highlighted a very important area regarding leadership. Managers in the company are promoted on the bases of how they develop leaders among their employees.

The concept of leaders developing leaders is a highly known principle in most all leadership materials. John Maxwell states, “To grow, lead followers. To multiply, lead leaders.” This why the need for mentors is an important part of each Monday’s post.

How amazing would it be for spiritual leaders to consider the benefit to them when involved in developing other leaders?

Instead of being consumed with the fear of being out-performed, shown-up, or otherwise replaced, imagine the development of a company where leaders were constantly grooming others to lead.

Imagine the growth that would occur within the church.

Biblically, this principle is emphasized in several places. Jesus demonstrated this in developing the apostles for the task of evangelizing the world.

Paul instructs older men to set an example of a godly life and older women are to teach younger women matters of the home (Titus 2:1-5).

We influence others everyday. Let us mentor them to lead.

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