Leadership Word Of The Week…Practice

“Practice makes perfect” was a common expression when growing up. Regardless of the application to academics or sports, the idea expresses the need to do it over and over again, until the art is just right.

The level of perfection may be subjective to each individual, however, the need for practice must be a part of our growth and development as leaders.

Olympic athletes are groomed from a very young age. The drills, routines, or exercises are perfected through hours of practice every day. Their life is dedicated for one purpose, performing for those few minutes without giving way to pressure.

Doing, action, application, and preparation are terms associated with this week’s word. No longer are we talking about theory, but method. Here is where the rubber meets the road and where the details are worked out for implementation.

Certain qualities of a leader may actually be inherent, but one thing is for sure, developing the ability to lead must be worked on continually.

We need to be focused, dedicated, diligent, and steadfast to the one purpose that God calls us for, and lead others for His cause.

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