Where You Go, I Will Go…

These few words begin the famous statement of Ruth to her mother-in-law, Naomi. After both women lose their husbands, Ruth willingly follows Naomi. She concludes by saying, “…and your God, my God.”

The spiritual influence developed within families is powerful. It is sad to consider homes where parents intentionally, or unintentionally, forsake the opportunity to influence their children with a godly foundation.

The world is hard and cruel on children growing up. The absence of God in many locations where our children are influenced complicates the problem further.

The home, however, should be a place where we have opportunity as parents to provide refuge and focus on the presence of God.

Children should see parents model the example of Christlikeness. They should learn how a Christian husband treats his wife and a wife her husband.

Home is where children learn the meaning of submission to authority and witness parental example. They should never hear parents speak ill of the authorities of the land and certainly not the church.

Where we go, our children will go. Our home should leave our children concluding, “…and your God, my God.”

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