Following The Right Leader…

A study of leaders and leadership reveals a plethora of information that presents a daunting task of determining what is right and who is the right leader to follow.

Solomon was certainly right when he said, “The writing of many books is endless, and excessive devotion to books is wearying to the body” (Ec. 12:12).

However, God provides us with a book that reveals information sufficient for both what is right and who is the right leader to follow.

No greater qualities for leadership are identified today than those addressed throughout the pages of the Bible.

No greater example of leadership can be found than the example left by Jesus.

Dedicating ourselves to learning the truths provided by God and studying the example of Jesus will result in a godly leader.

There is no better way to honor and glorify the God we serve than by leading with our eyes focused on Jesus and our hearts devoted to following the depths of His word.

When followers have this example in earthly leaders, they will follow the right leader.

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