Prequel Or Sequel?

The movie industry is interesting. Take it or leave it, there are people who cannot imagine what the world would be like without movies. Personally, it would be interesting to see the world without the movie industry, but that is a post for another time.

A prequel refers to the stories or events preceding an existing work. The idea is fascinating and raises several thoughts connected to leadership.

The sequel involves what shows up as part two of an earlier “box office” sensation. The sequel is about what happens next.

Before we assumed the responsibilities of the work where we are presently, what events were connected to the story in our own lives prior to now? The foundational nature of these events has been instrumental in forming who we are today.

The question we may need to consider further is: what are we expecting to happen next? Have we determined the appropriate sequel to where we are now?

Wisdom is built upon remembering the past to understand the present, but vision is cast to prepare for the sequel in our leadership. What do we see?

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