A Single Reason…

Is there really a difference between a “reason” and an “excuse?” We have all heard someone say, “I’m not making up an excuse, there is a good reason why…”

When we consider the time we take to pray and study God’s word, what single reason would we give for not being more dedicated to this time?

When we examine how we live our life: the words we use, attitude we display, places we visit, how we treat our family, and our attendance to worship, what single reason would we give for the choices we make?

When we think about our allegiances to friends and family, what single reason would we give for placing those allegiances above our loyalty and faithfulness to God?

I could ask many questions, and the convicting nature of these questions is aimed at me first and foremost.

If asking them helps you to consider your relationship with God, then this post has been successful. Please know our time, life, and allegiances all need greater consideration as we must one day give an account for how we prioritize them.

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