Thinking The Decision Through…

Decisions are part of life. Every day is filled with making decisions. Sometimes the decisions are quick and easy to make. Other times they are difficult and require a great deal more thought.

We would understand that many decisions have little consequence: what to eat for breakfast, what clothes to wear, etc.

Other decisions, however, carry great consequence: the choice of a spouse, where we live, our occupation, raising children, etc.

There is one decision that is extremely consequential and that is the decision to follow Christ. This one decision should be the foundation for all other decisions.

As leaders, we carry a responsibility that is twofold: 1) we must be about leading others to this decision of following Christ, and 2) we must also lead others to make every decision that guides their life based on that one decision.

The next time we think a decision through, let us take a moment to determine how this decision will influence others and if it will fit within this twofold responsibility as a leader for Christ.

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