Better Days Ahead…

The road of life has highs and lows. There are times we are on top of the mountain and there are other times we walk through the valley.

David understood this as he penned the words of the twenty-third Psalm.

What stands out from this Psalm is David’s understanding of what was ahead of him, not behind. He knew that even though he walked through the “valley of the shadow of death,” God was with him and he would dwell with God forever.

As leaders, we are messengers of hope. People can endure just about anything if they know there is something better ahead. They need hope something will be better.

The challenge is learning how to help others see that our hope is not based in a promise of a better physical life, but something beyond this life and beyond compare.

This kind of hope was the driving force of the early church, even in the face of death.

Paul indicated this kind of hope saves us because with it we will endure.

Better things are ahead, maybe not in this life, but God holds eternity.

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