Striking While The Iron Is Hot…

Most of us have heard this phrase at some point in life. The idea is to take advantage of an opportunity quickly.

As we have expressed before, an opportunity involves circumstances presenting possibility either to be gained or lost. We cannot take advantage of opportunities if we are unable to see the possibilities.

Leadership involves the ability to see the possibilities and take advantage of the opportunities the moment they arise.

Few people would turn down the opportunity to double an investment in a short period of time. When the presentation is skillfully done and the stakes are guaranteed we know the advantage of striking while the iron is hot. This may be the only opportunity we are given.

The same is true spiritually, however, we have to consider two significant questions: 1) Do we really see the possibilities of reaching out to the souls around us? 2) Do we want to take advantage of the opportunities God presents?

Unless we see the possibilities and want to take advantage of the opportunities the urgency of sharing the message of Jesus fades to indifference.

Seek, Ask, and Knock.

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