Survey Says…

As a popular game show, Family Feud boasted the famous line, “Survey says…”

Contestants work to provide answers to questions that are the most popular answers given by people who were surveyed.

Most of us may never participate in a survey of like nature, yet we need to constantly get involved in surveying our lives.

When we consider the nature of our influence within our homes, what would the survey say is the priority of our life?

When we examine our character as demonstrated on the job, what would the survey say about the quality of our work ethic?

When we look at the consistency of our worldview, what would the survey say about the consistency of what we believe and practice?

When we take into account our approach in reaching out to others, what would the survey say about the “type” of people we seek to influence?

The list of questions could go on. We need to understand the value of surveying each area of our life and measuring how we live by the example provided in Jesus.

Adhering to that standard supports positive survey results.

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