Leadership Word Of The Week…Trustworthy

Few words are more powerful and significant for leadership character than this one. The depth of an individual’s character is determined by the level of trust.

We often speak of the need to place our trust in God, and there is great biblical support (Pro. 3:5-6).

Considering the reverse idea of trust raises a few interesting questions: Can God trust us? To love His church? To be a good student of His Word? To reach out to nonChristians? To make the right choices?

Will others trust us? To lead with consistency? To demonstrate competence? To be connected?

We could obviously ask more questions, but a healthy consideration of how we would answer these few questions is convicting.

Paul claimed “…it is required of stewards that one be found trustworthy” (1 Co. 4:2).

As stewards of the mysteries revealed in God’s word, are we worthy of God’s trust?

Reading about the people of God outlined in Hebrews 11 provides us a foundation for what trustworthy character looks like.

Let us strive to develop a character that is worthy of trust: God’s and other’s.

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