Take A Picture, It Will Last Longer…

A snapshot of a moment in time displays a visual image of more than we can often express in words. The same is true when we consider the mental picture taken by others when they see our Christianity displayed for the world to see.

A complement to any Christian is found in the reflection of our Savior through every word and deed. The activity of life is not based on fulfilling a set list of rules and regulations, but rather the inward being of character that is expressed in an outward demonstration of activity.

Paul wrote it this way, “Be an imitator of me as I am of Christ” (1 Co. 11:1).

Our leadership should also be a reflection of our Christian character. The more we grow in our imitation of Christ, the greater the reflection in our leadership.

When leaders are focused on demonstrating a Christ-like image the greatness of God’s kingdom is exemplified and the common good of humanity is identified.

A few minutes each day prepares a lasting image that is a picture worth keeping.

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