Leadership Word Of The Week…Amazed

“Overwhelming surprise or shock” characterizes this week’s word. Interestingly, after Jesus healed the man possessed with a legion of demons, He told him to go to his own people and tell them what great things God had done for him and how God had shown mercy. When the man did so, the text stresses how people were amazed.

This account always leaves a fascinating thought regarding our own influence in the lives of others: when people do a mental comparison of the person we were before with who we are now, are they amazed?

If not, maybe we need to stress more, by our words and actions, the great things God has done for us and how He has shown mercy upon us.

When Christ is involved, there is always something different. Our leadership in the home, community, and in the church is different when He is part of the equation.

We need to reflect for a few moments on exactly what God has done for us and compare who we are now with who we were before.

Let us all amaze others with the difference God has made.

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  1. Steve Weeks says:

    This is great. Thanks, Bob.

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