Leadership Word Of The Week…Simplicity

Most people are familiar with the old K.I.S.S. acrostic when it comes to public speaking. One of the letters in the acrostic represents the idea of simplicity.

Simplicity can be explained by the following: 1) understanding, 2) clarity, 3) definable, 4) plain, and 5) natural.

The opposite of simplicity – complex – tends to leave people in a fog. When leadership is complex, people wrestle with confusion or convolution.

The challenge is learning how to bring simplicity to leadership?

Identify the main thing (priority) and keep it the main thing. Find the area or task that is done well and do it really well.

Narrow the focus to one primary task. One of the challenges to leadership is getting involved in too many areas at one time creating “a mile wide and an inch deep” approach to leading.

Simplify terminology. Work to use terms and phrases that do not cause someone to run to the dictionary to understand what is said.

A few simple ideas will be beneficial to strengthen our leadership in ways that will simplify what we are striving to achieve to the glory of God.

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