A Common Purpose…

What binds us together? The uniting agent that makes us one is something deserving far more attention than usually given.

Our common purpose, wrapped up in this unifying agent, is summed up in Jesus. The blood that flowed from His body and covers our sins makes us one and points us in the same direction.

Understanding the depth and magnitude of such may be impossible from our physical and temporal worldview. We should, however, consider several implications connected to the sacrifice made on our behalf in relationship with others.

First, work harder and more patiently in helping others develop their skills and abilities instead of being so quick to condemn and reject.

Second, always speak well of people publicly and address the major concerns with them in private.

Third, remember this is not about us and what is going to make us better, but about helping others reach their potential.

Fourth, our pride is not worth the result of division when it comes to God’s people.

Much more could be said if space allowed. We have a common purpose and the value of maintaining unity is worth the effort.

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