Considering The Consequences…

In our culture we too often fail to give thought to the consequences of our actions. Sadly, not only do we fail to think about the immediate results, but also the long-range consequences.

At any specific moment, a word expressed or action taken can change a situation in ways that leave a lasting impression.

People are always watching and listening. They measure the strength of our character by the consistency demonstrated between our words and actions.

Before we choose to speak a word in anger, think about the consequences of those words. Once the words are spoken we cannot take them back. Yes, we may wish we had not spoken rashly and we may apologize, but once spoken the words can become haunting scars with lasting consequences.

Our actions have a similar impact. Interestingly enough, we may participate in an activity that does not characterize who we really are or want to be, yet when others see us, the consequences can become difficult, if not impossible, to correct.

Our influence in the lives of others is too valuable to give little thought to the consequences of our choices.

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