Measure Twice, Cut Once…

This timeless piece of advice is familiar to most who find themselves involved in carpentry. If you are like me, this is one of those lessons learned by experience.

We might easily trust the first measurement and memory only to learn after the cut is made that an additional cut is required or another piece completely.

Serious medical diagnoses are generally followed up with a second opinion. When someone’s health is potentially in peril, circumstance demands additional counsel.

The lesson behind this advice extends beyond the field of carpentry and medicine. In fact, the application is fitting for most areas of life, especially leadership.

Leadership credibility increases when decisions are based on additional information gained or counsel received indicating the time taken to measure twice.

How different would the outcome have been if biblical leaders like Saul, David, Peter, and Paul had taking time to investigate further before making a decision compromising their relationship with God and influence of His people?

Measuring twice makes it possible to insure accuracy before making decisions with great consequential impact.

Our relationship with God and leadership rests in the balance of this advice.

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