Oh To Be Like Thee… Part 4

The idea behind this statement penetrates the heart of every person who wears the name Christian.

To claim the name of Christ is one demanding a life characterized by the example left by Him.

As we have examined over the last few weeks, to be like Jesus involves several components that can leave us uncomfortable when practiced.

While a number of areas could be discussed, there is one final thought worthy of our consideration.

To be like Jesus is to love God and others with all our being. Jesus was not one who loved God or others when it was convenient or suited His own personal desires.

In modern terms, Jesus was “all in.” Nothing stood between Him and serving His heavenly Father in ways that demonstrated loyalty and faithfulness.

Additionally, Jesus completely focused His attention on both the physical and spiritual needs of those who constantly surrounded Him.

We can learn much in striving to fulfill this one thought, “Oh to be like Thee.”

If we truly desire to walk in His steps, we need to give more thought to where those steps will lead.

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