Leadership Word Of The Week…Method

Known as a particular form of procedure for accomplishing or approaching something, the idea of a method weaves an interesting web of discussion for leadership.

What method is used to improve our understanding of the spiritual foundation for our leadership?

What method is best for growing or developing the spiritual focus connected to our leadership?

What method can be implemented to achieve the goals established for the whole group?

Considering these questions, in light of the definition of our word of the week, we should naturally see the systematic planning related to the method.

Several years ago, the following idea was expressed: “any method will work, if we will just work the method.”

The idea could be challenged regarding the implications of “any method,” but the more importantly is the need for us to “work the method.”

Improving, growing, and implementing are words that indicate work. Something has to be done in order to achieve our goals, and the method designed is the means by which it will be accomplished.

Determining the right method is one of the key components to our leadership.

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