Reaching The Destination…

How will we know when we reach the destination? The answer to this question requires more thought than just a quick answer off the cuff.

Before we can know when we reach the destination, we need to know our destination. Where are we headed?

Our destination will be based on the priorities that govern our lives. Will the destination be determined by a physical or spiritual desire?

The governing priorities are directly related to our worldview: biblical or secular. What lens are we looking through? God’s or the worlds?

The destination is critical to determine if we will ever reach it, but before we jump to a decision on where we are aiming, a few pieces of advice will help us all reach the destination.

First, remember there is more to life than food, clothing, and housing.

Second, we are easily blinded by only what we know empirically.

Third, time is a commodity we cannot afford to waste on the journey.

And fourth, a few moments to answer the question based on the three thoughts above can save a lifetime of frustration and failure.

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