Leadership Word Of The Week…Deliberate

The idea of being deliberate has powerful implications. Words such as calculated, planned, studied, and purposeful are associated with this week’s word.

There is, however, another word associated with deliberate that stands out and has significant connections to leadership: intentional.

When leadership is intentional, the following results occur: decisions are well though out before implementation, the possibility of making mistakes is reduced, confidence is displayed, and steps are taken to insure others are walking on the right path.

With so many venues vying for everyone’s attention, leaders do well to be deliberate in approaching their relationship with God and how that impacts their relationship with His people.

Being deliberate – intentional does not guarantee the right decision will be made every time, but such an approach builds on the foundation of solid reasons for the decision. If it is discovered that the wrong decision was made, leaders will deliberately assess the situation, identify the problem, and step forward with a solution.

The need for both secular and spiritual leaders to be deliberate – intentional in their leadership is obvious. The longer intentionality is discarded, the longer leadership flounders.

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