Sending The Right Message…

We are all involved in sending messages by our words and actions. The question becomes: are we sending the right message? The key word here is “right.”

Leadership is about insuring the right message is received, but how can we be sure?

Use the right source for the message. When the world seeks for any message outside of what is related to God’s word, the right source for the message is beyond reach.

Build character on the foundation of that source. One of the most important areas, if not the most important, regarding our influence is character. It walks away from the grave after all else is gone.

Practice living according to that foundation. Everyone is watching and measuring our conduct of life by the profession of our faith. Make sure they align well.

Gauge each word by thinking of its impact in relation to the source. Learn to think before speaking and consider how our words can make a difference to those who hear them.

God’s word is the source and always the right message. God needs leaders willing to take that message and send it forth.

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