It Is Well, Or Is It?

A number of songs throughout most hymnals have powerful messages. There are songs of encouragement, exhortation, praise, and motivation.

In one particular hymnal there are two songs (one that is very popular) that have two distinct messages, yet with strikingly similar titles.

One song is a question and the other is an affirmation. The first asks, “Is it well with your soul?” The second states, “It is well with my soul.”

Apart from the stories behind the writing of these two hymns, the message from the titles gives an interesting foundation for a lesson in leadership.

In an effort to lead others to heaven, we must ask the question with the intent of providing the guidance to provide the affirmation.

Are we concerned with and asking others about the condition of their soul? Are we striving to help them see their relationship with God in light of what God’s word teaches?

Above all, we must focus on sharing a message that will leave others with the kind of confidence that allows them to say, “It is well with my soul.”

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