A Chance To Change The World…

Maybe you are thinking, it is only a dream. Perhaps it is a scam or an incredible sales pitch, and maybe that is true.

However, as long as our leadership is limited to thinking that the opportunity to change the world is an impossibility, we never will.

Change occurs one person at a time, but if we can take that one person and groom them them to do the same, we are multiplying the sphere of influence.

Now, consider taking that same sphere of influence into a classroom where twenty to thirty people are groomed, the figures multiply more quickly.

While we are considering the possibilities, imagine following this same process in 50 locations around the world. What started as an effort to change the life of one person is now influencing the lives of hundreds, or even thousands.

The power of this process is magnified to incredible heights when those who are influenced in each location go and change the lives of those within their sphere of influence.

This is how we change the world and it begins with you and me. May God use us to do so!

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