An Accelerated Pace…

At times, life seems to go by at “break-neck” speed. Everything happens so quickly we wonder how we can ever keep up. Granted, there are many days when a slower pace would be a nice change of pace.

Life, however, does not work this way and it is not as easily planned as we might like. It is not uncommon to hear people talk about how they start the day with one idea of what they want to accomplish, but those plans are quickly changed by the people who enter the path of the day or events that unfold.

Leadership often works the same way. There will be days when we want to accelerate the pace to accomplish certain tasks or reach specific goals. Other days will move us to try and slow everything down.

The key is learning a couple of thoughts: 1) prioritize what must be done today, 2) be flexible to what happens – fast or slow, 3) never hesitate to ask for help when needed, and 4) trust in God’s providence; it is amazing how and where God is working if we are only looking.

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