The End Of A Matter…

A number of phases exist when working on various projects.

The planning phase is where we dream, research, and begin organizing the direction and tasks involved to reach specific goals.

The activation phase is where we implement the activities needed to accomplish the goals we have established.

The evaluation phase is where we examine what has been accomplished at certain check points to insure we are on target.

The completion phase is where we reach the end of the project, the goals have been completed, and the rewards are enjoyed.

These four phases have application for nearly every area of life, including our relationship with God and leadership in His kingdom.

We find that each phase has good and bad, highs and lows, as well as, consequences and rewards. The difference involves careful planning and execution of each phase.

Leading others is about helping them see the value of reaching the end. Far too many quit before reaching the end, maybe because of frustration, challenges, lack of will-power, or a hundred other reasons.

Our task is to keep others focused on reaching the end with faithful dedication.

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