Certain Habits…

We are told it takes 21 days to develop a habit. If we work on a specific activity or trait for 21 days straight, it should become a habit.

What is meant by a habit? How much time should be given each day to reinforce something to make it a habit? What about good versus bad habits?

These questions are valid for developing the kind of habits needed in leadership.

First, when something becomes a habit, it is more like second nature, or perhaps first nature. We naturally participate in some activity or we develop a trait that is done or seen without thinking. We just do it.

Second, the amount of time necessary to reinforce the activity or trait development depends on the dedication of the individual who seeks to develop the habit.

Third, some habits are good and some are bad. Interestingly enough, it seems so much easier to develop bad habits than it is the good ones.

Further still, is the challenge of breaking the bad habits: a post for another day.
Leaders need to be diligent in developing the kind of habits that promote godliness.

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