Who Is Influencing Who?

The question posed is challenging because the perception we want to have is that, as Christians, we are influencing the world, but are we?

Jesus was clear in His description of disciples as the salt of the earth and light of the world. These two terms are significant because they influence the realm in which they are applied. We also know that the analogy, when applied to Christianity, is the same. We are to be an influence in the world.

Christian influence is determined by words, attitudes, conduct / behavior, and activities. We need to consider who exactly we are influencing?

The mindset that often pervades our approach is that we need to participate as close to the line of worldliness as possible in order to have this influence.

Christians have been known to select a non-Christian spouse with this in mind.

Time is spent in developing friendships with this thought.

Sadly, the influence is often reversed and Christians are drawn away from their convictions into activities they never dreamed before, rather than changing the world by their influence.

Let us keep a close check on who is influencing who.

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